My icons have now moved! I was getting tired of having to log in and out to post in my different journals, so I've created a community for my icons, so I can just manage everything from my personal account. That said, you can now find my icons here:

tomorrow_brings tomorrow_brings tomorrow_brings tomorrow_brings

I will be keeping this journal and all the old posts open. I will also be keeping all my affiliates, so just change the link, please. And I think that's it! Head over to my new community and you'll find a huge batch of new icons. Oh, and everyone who has this journal friended, please go ahead and FRIEND/WATCH my new community! :D

Gilmore Girls and OoTP...

Some more icons for you! The first ten are funny quotes from various Gilmore Girls episodes. The next 25 are icons from the season premiere of Gilmore Girls and the rest are from the new promos for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The Gilmore Girls icons feature my attempt at a new coloring. It's very bright and shiny and colorful. Let me know what you think!

[1-10] Gilmore Girls Quotes
[11-35] Gilmore Girls Season premiere
[36-45] OoTP Promo icons.


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Also, I've been thinking about switching from this journal to a community under my personal journal. I'd be a lot easier and convenient for me, but I was wondering what all of you think about it. Let me know!
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Journal stuff...

Well, I've finally gotten around to changing the layout. It's nice and simple and pretty. Header by me myself and I, original codes by reversescollide. I also changed my userinfo around, thanks to codes by reversescollide once again.

And finally, I went back through all my entries and changed the tags so its easier to find things. You can see all the main tags and such in my layout navigation. Cool, right? Very.
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Icons galore!

Well, it's been awhile since I posted any icons. Not that I haven't been making any, in fact, I've been hoarding them! Teehee! Let's see... we have 90 Narnia icons: the first 10 are icons of Tumnus the fawn (so hot), and the next 80 are from the first small part of the movie. I also have 15 Pride and Prejudice icons (more on the way, I promise), and about 55 assorted GoF icons (originally made for my Diagon Alley shop at hogwarts_elite, but now available for all! I also have some banners. 10 Harry Potter Friend's Only banners, and 5 Pride and Prejudice banners, which can be used for userinfo or even headers. All images used are from dj_capslock.

Please remember:

- Comment if taking!
- Credit tommorowbrings.
- Do not hotlink, steal, or claim as your own.
- Textless icons are NOT bases.
- Feel free to FRIENDS me for updates!

For your icon pleasure:

[1-90] Narnia
[91-105] Pride and Prejudice
[106-160] Harry Potter (111-130 are b&w theme, 131-160 theme is uniforms)


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For your banner pleasure:

[1-10] Harry Potter Friends Only Banners
[11-15] Pride and Prejudice Banners


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Whew! That was a lot of graphics. *falls down exhausted* Can't wait for your comments!

WARNING - cross-posted, like, everywhere. Sorry in advance.
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Multifandom Icons - HP, Veronica Mars, Stock

Lots and lots of icons for you today. Yes, I've been hoarding them! Anyways, today I have icons from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Veronica Mars (pilot episode), and Stock City icons. Credit for the stock images goes to sxc. Harry Potter images from dj_capslock, Veronica Mars images from Tried some new coloring techniques and a few new styles on these. I have to say, I LOVE how the city icons came out. Please remember to comment if taking, credit tommorowbrings, do not steal, hotlink or claim as your own. Feel free to friend me for updates and enjoy!

[1-20] Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
[21-40] Veronica Mars (pilot episode)
[41-70] City Stock Icons


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Hope you like them! Oh, and just as a side-note *squee*, TommorowBrings is now friended by 58 people! YAY! 58! WOOT! THANKS! :D
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100 more Sorcerer's Stone icons...

Another batch of Sorcerer's Stone icons, 100 more to be exact. Some just basic icons, other's with funny (i think) speech bubbles added by myself. As with last time, images are from dj43 from dj_capslock. Please remember:

[1]Comment if taking.
[2]Credit tommorowbrings
[3]Do not hotlink, steal or claim as your own.
[4]Textless icons are NOT bases.
[5]Feel free to FRIEND me for updates!


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Ginny Weasley, "Waiting..."

Ok, so I know usually I only do HP fanfiction and HP icons, etc... but for some reason today, I felt like drawing! I tried drawing a semi-nude Harry... but it just came out... dumb. So I just started drawing a new page, and somehow managed to come up with a semi-decent (for me) drawing of a nude Ginny. Yes, its nude. If you don't like nudity, don't look at it. I have three versions for you: the original scanned b/w version, the touched up b/w version, and then the version where I added color and such in Photoshop. Its ok. The arms are weird and I don't like her hair. Oh, and I suck at faces. Yeah.

Title: Waiting...
Artist: alliana07
Rating: Ummm... R for nudity?
Media: Ink Pens, color added in Photoshop CS
Featuring: just Ginny Weasley
Notes: I called it "Waiting" because I picture her having just shed her clothes standing naked in front of (insert you favorite Ginny pairing character here), just waiting for them to say or do something.

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100 Sorcerer's Stone Icons...

So, I realized I've only done a few Sorcerer's Stone icons before, and I wanted to do more. So, I present you 100 icons from the first 5th of the movie (yeah, Harry isn't even at Hogwarts yet). I'll probably be doing the later parts soon. Anyways, the images are from dj43 @ djcapslock. I'm kind of experimenting with color and also with this weird blocking thing. You'll see what I mean. Please remember to:

- Comment if taking.
- Credit tommorowbrings
- Do not hotlink, steal, or claim as your own.
- Textless are NOT bases.
- Feel free to FRIEND me for updates.


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60 new icons... POA and House!

60 new icons up for grabs... YAY! I've got some Prisoner of Azkaban icons and some House icons. The House icons were made using the tutorial I posted in this previous entry. Pictures for all from dj_capslock, who rocks my socks.

Remember to comment if taking and credit tommorowbrings. Do not hotlink, steal, or claim as your own. Textless icons are NOT bases. Feel free to friend me for updates, and ENJOY!

[1-30] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
[31-60] House (episodes 1 & 3)


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Icon Tutorial #5....

I bring you another icon tutorial! This is my fifth icon tutorial and it features Chase, the hot doctor from the show House. The image used in this tutorial is from dj_capslock. Feel free to show me what you make with this, and let me know how you like it!

This tutorial was created by me using Photoshop CS and involves curves.

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